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Why Digital Page

Why We Started

We are demanding that youth in our communities, especially young women, are enabled to pursue technology careers and are empowered to be leaders in this industry as a design thinkers. To achieve this, we have aligned our organization to three core initiatives:

Gender Gap

The worsening gender gap in technology and design careers limits our young professionals and impedes new advancements in the industry – exactly the reason why we need to show young women and men the power they have to make a difference.

Future Talent

Building a pipeline of talent, innovators, and leaders can pave the way for future generations and address the increasing demands in the tech industry.

Social Impact

With collaboration between our leadership team, mentors, and volunteers, we hope to foster social impact and greater good in our communities – creating lasting results that will deliver benefits for future generations.

Early Career Exposure

Research shows that early exposure to various career paths is the most effective way to foster creativity and success in the future, which is why we believe in providing our youth with all the tools and support necessary to start their paths early.

New Opportunities

Young women and minorities in underserved areas face limited exposure to opportunities in tech industries. This is an issue that Digital Page will address head-on through outreach to communities in need all over the Charlotte-metro area and beyond.
What's Different

Our Unique Approach

Design Focused

Design is a human-centric approach to solving problems, which combines imagination, needs of people and technical possibilities to create value. Design drives innovation, and as organizations operate in an increasingly complex world, innovation is at the core of success. Digital Page’s unique approach and services support individuals and businesses in creating specialized products and solutions to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Holistic Approach

From offering tools necessary in developing a design mindset, leadership, public speaking, marketing, and finance to providing real-world, hands-on experience, Digital Page provides a variety of unique tools and services to our youth and clients.

Growing Leaders

Digital Page Core Leadership Team members themselves are young professionals who are looking to impact the technology industry by tapping into their passion, training our target demographics, and leading by example.