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Individual or Student

Are you passionate about building creative solutions that impact the world? Whether you are a young student initially exploring career options or a recent graduate looking to change careers, joining Digital Page will teach you how to design people-focused digital solutions.


If you are a driven, high energy individual looking for an opportunity to help aspiring young leaders make their dreams into reality, our professional volunteer program is right for you. As a professional volunteer, you will work with students as well as our Core Leadership Team (CLT) to provide hands-on experience, develop training programs, and give guidance to those designing digital solutions for our clients.


Are you passionate about your career and ready to do something more? Join as a mentor and use your leadership skills and professional experience to guide others. Mentors are needed at all levels, including but not limited to technology, organizational development, and design.

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From offering tools necessary in developing a design mindset, leadership, public speaking, marketing, and finance to providing real-world, hands-on experience, Digital Page provides a variety of unique tools and services to our youth and clients.

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Become Our Client

A customer experience-focused digital solution is critical to your business' success. If you are an organization looking for a creative and unique digital solution, the team at Digital Page is equipped to design an unparalleled human-focused solution and win over your organization's customers. As our client, your business will also have the opportunity to connect with the future leaders and talents in design and technology for all of your potential recruitment needs.

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Partner With Us

Have an idea for a partnership or believe our mission aligns with your company’s values? Let us know!

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